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Stock theft and predator attacks can result in major financial loss, and many farmers despair at finding a solution.

Philip Lötter, a former sheep farmer in the Western Cape, suffered ongoing livestock theft on his farm. In 1999, he decided to tackle the problem head-on, and collaborated with Stellenbosch-based company Etse Electronics to develop a livestock anti-theft system.

A FarmRanger collar is placed on only one animal per group, and thereby monitors the entire flock or herd. If the animal is threatened, the collar will sense the abnormal movement and trigger an alarm on the farmer’s mobile.

With its built-in GPS, FarmRanger allows a farmer to keep precise track of a herd or flock, showing where the alarm is occurring. FarmRanger can be used on any mobile phone via SMS messages, and has a smartphone application available for Android and Apple devices.

FarmRanger does not require field stations because the collars communicate directly to the farmer’s phone. This means that there is no set-up cost, making FarmRanger a very affordable solution.

More than 1 500 farmers in South Africa, Namibia and Australia are currently using FarmRanger collars.